“Why I Am Not an Engineer” by Engineer Hamilton is a great book. The author shares that he grew up in a home full of engineers. From an early age, his mother would tell him stories of the engineering work she did in her past life, and how that helped her with some of the work she does today. One of her favorite stories was that she was working on a project where there was an underwater cave where water from the ocean flooded it. The underground waters had formed a bridge over the top of the cave, and she had to build it. She used a few materials and some old tools in order to build the bridge.

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In the process of doing this, she was able to save one of her family members from drowning. She was able to do this because she had used the knowledge of how to build the bridge in her previous life. That knowledge saved her family from a terrible tragedy. It is a lesson to us all that we can use to make the most of our lives and what we do in them.

The lesson here is that we should take advantage of whatever knowledge we have in our own life.