heat transfer system nz

The HSPN NZ thermostat and control panels are custom designed with the comfort of homeowners in mind. The high-performance polyurethane tiles can be matched to any colour from white to blue to meet any decor. In addition to being energy efficient, the ducted heat transfer system nz offers an unprecedented cooling capacity of more than 250Watts per square foot. This is able to cool a room by up to 20 degrees below the exterior ambient temperature. The cost efficient, ducted heat pump systems offer flexible installation options that can be done through almost any standard building contractor. This means that you can save money on installation costs and do your own work saving you the professional service fee and hassle.

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The new innovative technology HSPN NZ is a breakthrough in home & business heating. With the latest in technology, the system consists of a series of temperature-controlled polyurethane tiles that can be easily affixed to the existing ceiling surface with adhesive. The unique ability of the system allows it to incorporate polyurethane heating and cooling systems into any size ceiling. This technology also provides complete control over the temperature of the air circulating within the home.

The ducted heat pump systems in HSPN NZ are manufactured by leading manufacturers to stringent quality control standards. This ensures that when your HSPN NZ arrives at your door step, it is guaranteed to deliver maximum performance. The ventilation system is designed to ensure that there is no heated air coming from the ceiling or leaking out of the roof vent. In addition to this, the presence of non-skid pads provide additional protection for your valuable furnishings. Finally, the high performance dual-use polyurethane tiles offer high heat resistance and ultimate performance.


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