An investor in real estate is a person who pool’s funds with the hope of gaining an asset or in short, making a profit. Most of the time the investor buys some species of property and later resells it. In case of commercial real estate investment, an investor can buy and sell the property and earn profits from it. The investor need not have his personal interest in the deal to make profits. This type of investment is normally done by business institutions or individuals who are into business for themselves. This link

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Many investors prefer to invest in the stocks and bonds market because they are easily accessible and have a higher rate of return. It is also a good way of saving money for retirement and other future expenses. However, such market investments do have certain risks involved and hence the need to have a certain level of risk tolerance. Most investors prefer to invest in equities or smaller types of equities so that their chances of earning profits are higher. Some investors also opt for small cap stocks which are traded on major exchanges.

There are many investors who are into real estate business and need professional advice on the type of investment plan to take. For this they require help from financial advisors who can provide the investor with adequate information on the pros and cons of these investments. For those investors who prefer low risk options for their portfolio, financial advisors would suggest buying rental properties and using them as investments. If the investor has a higher risk tolerance and greater need for financial assistance then he could also choose between fixed-rate mortgages and flexible rate mortgages to be able to choose the type of mortgage scheme he needs. Once an investor has decided on the type of mortgage scheme he needs, he would then need to contact a suitable financial advisor so as to find out how much money the investor would need to fund his desired investment plan.


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