When looking for pre-employment checks, the company checks a number of different areas which includes their pre-employment checks as part of their security screening process. The check is often a very sensitive thing because the company wants to find out if the prospective employee is a risk to them or their company.

How Long Do Pre-Employment Checks?

Pre-employment screening is normally done with the employee’s background information in mind. These days there are a lot of people who have criminal backgrounds. Many employers prefer to hire people who have a clean record and who have not committed any crimes or misdemeanors in the past. It is very easy for the company to find out what someone’s criminal records are, because it is all on the internet. People can be found by using public records websites such as Public Records Pro and there are usually websites that have information on the public record of an individual. People with criminal backgrounds can be found easily using these types of websites.

Companies need to do this pre-employment screening because there are many times when a person has been convicted of a crime and this will give an employer some sort of indication that the person should not be hired. Some employers even ask for these checks before they hire someone for certain jobs, especially if they are applying to work in the security field.


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