If you’re looking for an alternative to lipo, facelifts, and injections, consider Contour Therapy. Its expertly-trained staff will contour your body without surgery, with no downtime and no side effects. You can even try a free first session. If you’re not convinced, check out their website. There are a variety of body shaping treatments to choose from, and you can even get a free trial session to see if you’ll like the results.

A Healthy Alternative to Liposuction, Facelifts, and Injections

Contour Therapy

A consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon can determine the best course of treatment for you. For most patients, a single session can help them see noticeable results. A second treatment may also be necessary. The benefits of this therapy are long-lasting. The treatment does not cause pain, and there’s no downtime. Most contour treatments will last between three and six months. The duration of the procedure depends on your goals and the number of sessions you need to complete.

For best results, schedule a consultation with your aesthetician to learn more about the different types of Contour treatments available. Typically, one treatment will take about 25 minutes and can produce results as immediate as two to eight inches. Some practitioners may recommend Nutrition Coaching in addition to the sessions for maximum results. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results of red light therapy. Afterwards, you can use your phone or read a book while your skin is under the lights.


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