How Students Can Make Money Online As A Virtual Assistant

Are you one of the best organised and efficient students in your course?

Or does everyone come to you when they need help with organising something like an event or a journey?

Then you should consider turning those talents and skills into hard earned cash online. How?

You could advertise yourself as a virtual assistant!

Virtual Assistants Are The New Personal Assistants

Remember those days when a personal assistant (PA) had their own office and would answer all the calls, correspondence etc. and handle bookings and meeting arrangements for a super busy CEO? Well, things have slightly changed in the digital age, however, the need is still the same in the digital world.

As a part-time student virtual assistant (VA) you could make productive use of your spare time and go to sites like Craigslist to find micro jobs or so called micro tasks. These are rising in demand as many companies outsource them and rather hire people on a project or short-term base. They are perfect opportunities for students as they can range from very quick to medium-term tasks where you’re flexible with allocating your time.

Micro Tasking is the more flexible option

Clickworker and Amazon Worker offer flexible and simple paid online jobs such as processing images and videos, cleaning up and verifying data or processing data. Some of the skills required most students already cover so there’s no specific training needed to get such jobs. They may include correcting spelling, reviewing products, finding item numbers or images, answering questions about products, categorizing products, and so much more. On average you can expect to make $7* per hour with micro tasks you only do temporarily.

However, if you’re more of a fan of  administrative tasks, you could look for a part-time position as a virtual assistant.

Becoming a part-time VA will offer a more regular online income

You might work for a busy business owner or lawyer setting up appointments, scheduling meetings, and arranging their travels. Other tasks might include checking and answering emails, preparing PowerPoint presentations, doing research or helping plan events. All the work is done online so you don’t have to step out and lose time traveling. This is a great opportunity for any student to become more organised with their own life as they may learn how to use new online tools and software like some of the 10 best student management apps. 

On sites like ElanceVirtalent or Zirtual one can find out what kinds of flexible VA jobs are available and how much you may be able to earn, but on average $12* or more per hour is paid initially. If you deliver outstanding work and services, a company may want to hire you long term. This could be a great side hustle until you complete your degree.

At ClickDo Ltd. and SeekaHost Ltd. VAs in India work remotely and some of them have started out as students. They are trained to European standards, giving them access to top online courses at SeekaHost University for free. Additionally, they improve their English while working as VAs internationally.

Other online jobs for students in India

Now, the online earning opportunities don’t end there and you should certainly look at all your options carefully first before deciding to head in one direction. As a student you’re still at the beginning of your career and depending on which industry or field you want to enter into, you should also choose an online job that can maybe be beneficial for any future work you’ll do when starting a new job. You should therefore check the SeekaHost University Guide for Students in India by clicking on the below infographic to ensure you don’t miss anything.


How to Make Money Online India for Students

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pre Employment Checks

When looking for pre-employment checks, the company checks a number of different areas which includes their pre-employment checks as part of their security screening process. The check is often a very sensitive thing because the company wants to find out if the prospective employee is a risk to them or their company.

How Long Do Pre-Employment Checks?

Pre-employment screening is normally done with the employee’s background information in mind. These days there are a lot of people who have criminal backgrounds. Many employers prefer to hire people who have a clean record and who have not committed any crimes or misdemeanors in the past. It is very easy for the company to find out what someone’s criminal records are, because it is all on the internet. People can be found by using public records websites such as Public Records Pro and there are usually websites that have information on the public record of an individual. People with criminal backgrounds can be found easily using these types of websites.

Companies need to do this pre-employment screening because there are many times when a person has been convicted of a crime and this will give an employer some sort of indication that the person should not be hired. Some employers even ask for these checks before they hire someone for certain jobs, especially if they are applying to work in the security field.