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Anthony Pittman
This is my neighborhood…like my brother and I call it the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.  When I write a poem, it’s like I’m in somewhere completely different from here.  When I write a rhyme, it’s like my exit pass.  That’s my get out of jail free card This city isn’t helping us do shit.  They just give us a basketball and a gun, and say either shoot the basket or shoot each other
  Karina Sanchez
I’m the oldest of six, I have a lot of responsibilities. I have to be a role model for the kids and I have to help my mom out a lot in the house because she works. It’s just overwhelming at times. I don’t want to be an adult yet…I don’t want to be without mommy yet.
  Karina Sanchez
The worst thing on here is fear, because I have the fear that I’m not going to be anything.  I have the fear that I might get rejected by someone or a job.  I have the fear that I might not get into college, that I might not make it in life.  I have a fear that my family will be stuck in the ghetto forever.


.Somos Arte